1000 Le Mans paint colour

Help needed. Does anyone know the paint codes for the metallic black with white wheels 1000 Le Mans? I don’t think it was ever imported into the UK but I’ve always fancied my bike in these colours and now seems a good time to get it done. Thanks  Roger

Fraid not, but I would be intrigued to see a pic of the bike

Think the Mille GT and Sessentechinquothingy (650) came in metallic black, probably the same colour if that helps.

Here ya go.

Thanks! Never seen one like that. Mine is the same but with gold wheels and a black seat with a red pinstripe.

The black paint on mine would be the same though I guess. Sadly I don’t know what it is.

Thanks for your replies and comments. I think you’ll agree that the slightly metallic black with white wheels does look good. Unfortunately I think these bikes are too old to have a documented paint colour. As Somersetlemon says the black on his and indeed my red/black bike are most probably exactly the same and so of course this can be colour matched. For the wheels I’ve just spend an hour in Halfords comparing whites from various car manufacturers. White looks white until you hold it next to another white and you start getting very picky. Suzuki Superior White, Honda Polar White and Ford Diamond White are on my short list.
Cheers  Roger

Guzzi used mainly Lechler paint and relevant codes at that time, if you Google around you may well find something more accurate.

Thanks italianmotor, I’ll do just that. I see also that RS paint list a metallic black for a Le Mans 1000 and also white for a Lario interestingly - now there’s a bike and a half. I’ve had one for years and it’s the only bike I’ve ever felt I wanted to do a proper restoration on. It’s one of the best bikes I’ve ever ridden and in spite of all the stories it’s strong engine has never caused a problem. It’s just such a pretty little bike. Â Roger