1000S seat re-covering

Hi I want to get my 1000S seat re-covered, Its split here and there and a bit tatty.
But… I want the Moto Guzzi logo to remain on the back.
Anyone you people can recommend to do this?
Im in London, UK.

There is a great guy in Stanway near Colchester known as Mick the Seat, if you get stuck, but you should be able to find someone nearer. See here https://diltondesign.co.uk/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=70&t=25462&hilit=seat&sid=28e3142109543bd0d066d1aeca8d394c

viking vinyls near Brands Hatch

+1 for Viking.

Aaaand… my mate who I share a workshop space with said “Oh, yeah, I can do that…”
Talk about hiding your talents… :unamused:
He was a trained tailor who then got into making all kinds of stage costumes so the step to sewing up seat covers was not a large one.
He now fixes Eurostar trains…