1000sp fork oil and air pressure

Hi all, could anyone tell me what oil and how much to use in the forks on 1979 1000sp, also they have air valves on top of the stanchions, what pressure should these be set at. Thanks for any responce.

For the oil, you just need automatic transmission fluid. All it does is lubricate the sliders as things go up and down. The damping is entirely done by the sealed cartridge dampers. The handbook for my 78 one states 90ml or 3oz.
As for air pressure, I wouldn’t have a clue, my 78 sp doesn’t have air valves, I suspect you would find it ineffective, but always worth playing with to see if it does make a difference.
You will find the owners manual etc etc here…

Mine (78 Spada) doesn’t have air valves either, but my Monza did. I couldn’t detect any difference when playing with the pressure.

If your Spada forks have air valves, they are probably replacements.The early “air forks” just had a small and easily perishable rubber bag under the valve, the capacity was so small just checking with a gauge would release most of the air. Probably best to ignore it.

Yep definitely non-standard AFAIK. In which case, anyone’s guess what they are

Maybe with a couple of photos and the diameter of the stanchions they could be recognised?

Hi all, thanks for the replies, Ive gone with the transmission fluid and ignoring the air valves, will see how they do like that once its back on the road, lots to do yet, so wont be much before next summer.