1100 Cali gearbox bolts

You know those four bolts which fit vertically through the frame into the top of the gearbox, next to the battery tray, under the throttle bodies and airbox, where they are really inaccessible? Yeah… almost two years after I cleaned everything up and torqued them with Loctite… I noticed today that one of them had completely worked its way out!
Split spring washers this time, I think…

I’ve caught myself lying, I didn’t torque those ones. It may have been over-cautiousness in fear of stripping threads in aluminium, but I shall endeavour to tighten them enough this time -that is, once I can get in there. :frowning:

Are these same ones that go through front of battery tray in a Tonti? Battery sits on top of them. (Rubber mat in between.)

That’s right Mike. I think I could get away without one, but got it back in now anyway, moving the left throttle body out of the way and raising the airbox. Now I’ve found that the rear right one is loose too… ~

This is odd 'cause mine were starting to get corroded in so by no means coming loose. Changed for ones from an SS kit last year, had to add 2 washers to each as a bit too long, and of course a bit of copper grease. Funny would have thought loctite would work. What sort of force is on them during use?

Stainless steel to copper grease to aluminium can cause nasties! Dichroic (sp?) grease if you must or loctite. I did them up as tight as I normally do today, and then got my torque wrench on them. I am a lily-wrist, it seems, as they took a lot more weight before the wrench clicked.

No never had any problems. The Bee-Em uses copper sealing washers as well, as standard. (?)

I’ve never had problems either, but have heard tales told of threads melting -I don’t want to take the risk!

I’ll wait until it happens, then I’ll believe it

Mcfuzzi, is your gearbox ok as I have never heard of this either.

Afterthought ~ unless it’s just a case of nearly ripping out the thread in the ally because the grease on the bolt means you can put much more welly on it that if it were dry, but doesn’t feel too tight on the spanner. Once you’ve stressed a ally thread like that just a question of time before it gives up completely. Just an idea.

My brain may be addled but the gearbox is fine, thanks!
Three dissimilar metals (as the grease eventually dries or washes away) cause an electrolytic reaction, and the aluminium will corrode.