1100 injection fuel filter.

Got the cally in bits for a service and thought Id swap the filter over, Bob has run out.

Local parts man sent my filter to his filter supplier to see if he could match something up.

Hey presto.

Fram filters- G3713. He charged me £12.50. Subesequently found this on ebay. At least now I/We know what will fit.

Incidentally, the daytona and quota have a different filter. Bob DOES have those in stock.


The body is ‘slightly’ smaller in diameter so I wrapped it in a single layer of draught excluding sticky stuff, 3mm thick foam to take up the slack in the bracket.

All seems well.

I have been searching for a similarly good deal and found Opie oils. Good prices for UFI filters and other parts.

Club members get a discount on products @ Opie Oils.

WIX (made in Poland) WF8037 -Local motor factor, £8.28.“This is an expensive one, sorry” -no problem mate…