1100 sport dead

switched ignition on ,NO lights ,horn ,starter button in start position but dead also .All fuses fine ,only thing with life in it was the indicators .Then everything working fine and i could hear the relays kicking in.Do you think it was a relay sticking ,when i get a chance will lift petrol tank and make sure all connecting blocks are good.Any ideas ?bike running like a dream but worry about bike going dead again.many thanks
johnno2013-01-15 18:31:00

No ideas, but hope you get it sorted Johnno…

connector blocks are a good place to start mate if still not joy I have tomorrow off gotta doc apt at 1500 but could get to you to assist if you are also about other than that happy to pop over the weekend mate

Was the bike out in these freezing temps? I had a similar thing happen on my Griso the other day. Well below freezing, ignition on and all seemed well till I pressed the starter, nothing happened. I got off the bike and a few seconds later the relay clicked in and the starter operated all by itself! I’m new to this bike, but I suspect the low temp has something to do with it. A new starter relay is on order.

Injection or carb?If the former then break and spray all accessible contacts/relays with Servisol or similar - including the big one on the ECU.

IIRC the indicators are independent from ignition switch because of hazard warning system. Ignition is common to all those functions you mention - I think.

Remove and reseat relays as a matter of course - of course.

IMHO don’t spray the relays - they just gunge up over time by trapping grime from the back wheel. Just keep them clean - try not to abrade the tinned surfaces on the relay spades when cleaning.
Guzzijack - could you give more detail on “the big one” on the ECU please? I am unclear as to what you are describing.

Could also be a poor connection in the ign switch, operating that a few times will clean the contacts.
Plus Servisol sprayed liberally down the key hole.Brian UK2013-01-16 09:13:32

Hello Johnno,

Had this problem on the Norge a while back - turned out to be a loose earth on the battery. Worth a look.

Would that not prevent the indicators functioning too?

There are known issues with 1100 Sporti’s with poor earthing* via the front sub frame / main spline which usually manifests as e.g. the tacho going bonkers. Could be worth checking continuity from ignition to battery earth if you have the time / inclination.

*Didn’t have this problem personally but have retrofitted additional earth straps whilst fairing was removed.

Had EXACTLY this fault on my 2004 Le Mans. A guy on the V11 site suggested turning ign ON and then pressing starter button whilst turning bars side to side. BINGO. Bike started and all was well. http://www.v11lemans.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=17136&hl= I then knew it had to be a loose connector and took off the tank and found a block connector under the plastic headstock cover where the wiring had been badly routed and under constant tension. Turning the bars one way allowed the connection to be remade whilst turning the other way parted them. Disconnected joint rerouted cable to give more slack and bike was bomb proof after that. Darryl
DazGuzzi2013-01-17 07:29:33

Thanks for all replies ,been working away so not had a chance to look at bike yet .its working fine at the moment but i got no trust in it till i have fully checked it over.It is a carb model

highest guess then is connector block for that sort of intermittent OR loose battery cable (could be corrosion maybe as well mate.)

turned out to be the big connector block under petrol tank ,shes running great again ,many thanks to all.

I’m getting a very similar thing on my 1200 Sport. I went to take it for an mot this morning and taking it out of the garage noticed something wasn’t right. The dash is completely dead, no back lighting, none of the instruments work (Speedo, Rev counter fuel gause etc)… Had to cancel my mot as no indicators or milometer either.Any suggestions. I see loads of Guzzi dashes for sale on EBay so is this a known fault??Any help appreciared as I’m 100+ miles from a dealer and cnt ride it there anyway as its no mot

Dead battery? They do discharge if left for 3 weeks or more.Otherwise, terminals, and the big multiconnector on the back of the dash. Spray some contact cleaner in there too if you take it off.

When did you last ride it and do you keep it on a charger when not in use


Dead battery /LOW battery
Multi block connector
Fuseguzzibear2013-06-06 17:54:58

Hi guys, thanks for he replies. The battery is kept on an optimate and the guzzi bursts into life on the first touch of the button its just that the dash display is completely dead and there are no lights or instruments at all. The engine woks well, the fuel pump works well, the rear brake light works and the pass button works but everything else dead.I wasn’t sure if this is a common fault on Guzzis as a site in the USA seemed to indicate it was on the Norge which has a similar dash.Riding it to the mot station was a blastbut he said its no point putting it on test as it has failed before it starts as no speedo or mileometer etc plus no lights or indicators. I’ll check the earth on the battery and the connector on the back of the dash. Is it easy to get to?Thanks again.Andy

Check all the fuses too though it doesn’t sound like a blown fuse. It’s unlikely to be battery connections if it starts and runs OK. The most documented issue with those dashes is condensation inside. Unless it’s really bad, in that it builds up a pool of water inside,which can affect the PCB, condensation is not normally a problem.The multi connector on the back can be a problem which is why I suggested spraying Servisol or similar contact lubricant on the pins before reassembly.Can’t comment on accessibility on the Breva as I have a Norge.