1100 Sport Injection Lights

I have just found out that the lights on my bike are absolutely rubbish! Anybody out there who can advise me on upgrading them?

Try looking at www.ebbo.org/headlamp_relays.php
Might help with voltage drop to the headlight, because of Guzzi wiring …

Will do. Thanks for this.

If the headlamp is one of those awful plastic angled reflector with a clear lens the best way is to look at a breakers and buy a 7" lamp and swap it I got a Cibie unit from Stafford show last year and a Thompson one and swapped both as the old Guzzi’s Cibie unit had lost the silvering on the org light the other unit went into the V11 Le Mans and I can now see in the dark.

If this is the square ish headlight go the relays as per Wits then a 100/800 bulb.
That is a 100/80 bulb.
800 watts an dip would get you noticed.iandunmore2012-10-22 11:57:04

By the way I used a pair of the mini relays from Pyro Dan for the headlamp relay as you cah actually fit them inside the headlamp very easily, IF you want to swap headlamps look at your local breakers or autojumbles there is also E-bay, I found I only had to swap the lens/reflector and pop it into the rim bought some of the W shaped clips,
One had a nicer rim so I did use that as it was the Cibie and the same part as in the V1000

Here is some info (for twin lights on a car but easy to follow)