1100 Sporti loom ring terminal query

Next week I hope to complete the saga of the above m/c rebuild. I foolishly forgot to label the terminals when I removed the engine / gearbox and have an extraneous lead to find a home for. Unfortunately most folks have the airbox fitted, which obscures it, but… in the hope someone hasn’t could you take a quick deek and put me out of my misery. It is the longer of the two ring terminals the shorter of which goes to the gearbox mounting bolt. View is from offside looking at g/box. thxThe yellow one is the offending artikule.

Mad Farquhar2012-05-31 09:33:37

I have mine in a state of partial undress as I prepare to cure an oil leak so I will have a look this evening and get back to you

Cheers Grahame. Are you MyECU’d yet?

Sadly not yet but hoping to manage to get it built up before the kids go to college.

I had a quick look, mine has a perished red rubber collar on the end and is one of two wires connected to the starter motor solenoid.

Ok - that’s what I deduced due to its length. It contains two red cores under the overlay twinned to the ring terminal. At first I believed it was an earth. The red collar has obviously fallen off my one so I will remark it.My problem is I now have 3 ring terminals going to the solenoid! (excluding the female spade).Back to the Carl Allison diagram methinks.However that is a great help Grahame - maybe I can call you later to discuss the solenoid terminations as something there is patently not correct.

I only have 2 terminals on the solenoid.
I should be back home around 8 so any time after then and I can check things out.

Sussed it - PMd you Grahame

I’d best get a move on if I’m to stand a chance of having it ready for the Skye camping trip|

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p.s. Two wires to the solenoid and two are earths going to the gearbox mount.

Don’t forget the hordes of Sligachan - the sub miniature tormentors of the glens. Elfish sauce - from the land of Avon - which makes your skin so soft the hordes pass by with nary a glance is a must.The longer (yellow circled) of the 2 (which has 2 red wires in fact) goes from the offside to the nearside and the solenoid. One of the ones you would think stays on the solenoid is in fact an earth and goes back the way to the offside and is bolted with the shorter (red circled) onto the gearbox hanger. Simples.I must thank Jamie, Grahame and Raz (on t’other forums). I would have got there but think of the number of fuses.

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Have you run the precautionary extra earths to the ECU, rear subframe, etc.?

Oh yes yes yes yes…