1100 Sporti Steering Damper

Can anyone recommend an aftermarket steering damper for the 1100 Sport injection? The original biturbo damper fitted to my bike appears to have developed “stiction”.Alternatively, can the original unit be refurbished?

you can still get them newhttp://www.mgcycle.com/product_info.php?products_id=2907and they are rebuildable i have run mine with and without a damper,personable choice

my sport seems better without steering damper fitted

I tried mine today without the steering damper fitted and it seems ok so won’t be in a hurry to replace it. I’ll try and see if it is more cost effective to rebuild instead of buying a new one.Thanks for the advice.

As many have found out you do not need a steering damper …'till you do IF that moment arrives you will find you wish you had fitted one…Guzzi do NOT fit stuff for the fun of it.

There are some situations where it IS needed. As Dan found out he survived a tank slapper …re fitted steering damper pronto.

For the cost is it really worth risking chucking your self and your bike up the road.???

Look in non OEM or Frequently asked qns I believe a Kawasaki one fits.

Measure it extended and compressed