1100i headlamp

The nights are drawing in and a couple of nights ago I was out thinking head lights poor.
Not long after some fast chappie caught me up and I rode in his light with a shadow of me in the centre…
this was when I realised my lights aren’t poor their useless.
So anyway here’s the question is there just a modern bulb I can replace my standard one with which will let me see where I am going (even if it means changeling the headlight holder) or do I need to fit spots, can you get spots with high and low beam for the low is a dim yellow sort of a light. And not a lot of use.
thanks in anticipation as always

Hi Col,
first tek yer sungegs off when it gets dark
but srsly just for information, the Givi halogen spots I put on my wee’un
throw such a tight cone they make a dip setting unnecessary.
I use them to infill the headlight dip and oncoming traffic isn’t fazed overly,
lean angles considered.


No sunglasses…what stops the midges going in your eyes!!!
Thx phil sounds like a good tip

Hi Colin

Track down a 7" Wipac Crystal (with side light)

I fitted one to mine and first used it in anger on the National Road Rally through the night

IMO its nearly as good as the 4 lights I have on my Octavia

When I can find it I’ll tell you where I got mine from

I’ve been considering this, too. Is the 1100i’s alternator (as far as I know mine’s the original) beefy enough to run additional halogen lights?

What bulb do you use in the Wipac unit? I have seen it advertised with an H4 , a60/55W brighterRING ULTRA XENON H4 one and a one

12V ENERGY-SAVING H4.I want a unit for my Eldorado, so I don’t want to overload my electrics.

This has been recommended by others:-7" sealed beam headlamp.Says him who still has the old headlamp bulb that was in the bike when I bought it 26 years ago, so I am not talking from experience.

IIRC I took the bulb out the old unit and stuck it in the new Wipac one

The main thing is that it has a clear plastic lens with the reflector doing the focusing so not “contemporay” (sp) with the age of the bike … but its a damn fine headlight!

I got mine from here

Make sure its the one with the side light and dips the correct waytris2014-08-24 19:53:17