1100i seat

Hi chaps /girls will the later seat fit the twin seated cali,as its killin me arse,thinkin of the one peice seat cheers,ps mines a 96 1100i

I don’t belive it will.Why not consider a re-uphoster of your original?I have had ours done and had some gel pads included - good for 500 mile days now.

i ahve a 95 Cali 1100i with original seat - i think it is great - maybe i have a bigger butt !

i think the problem might be the shape underside of the later seats against fitting with ECU in situ - you would probably have to move ECU into battery area ?jim mac2012-08-30 13:42:21

recovering is the way to go …customised to suit , comfy and you can if you wish get colour coded piping… there are seat recoverers all over the country nowadays … expect to pay £100 upwards for a good job

the problem i have is pain in me coccyx,almost like i need to be able to move back more,got 32" leg,so feel like i’m being sat to far forward

A redone seat and gel pad also a good seat guy can alter the seat to suit YOU by far the best way to go.

I bought a custom king/queen for the V1000 the standard seat is good but this is really really good

I’ve got the same model bike as you and I fitted a Corbin seat, if anything the rider section is a bit too generous but it’s dead cumfy!

Got to agree. The seat on my Cali 1100i is comfy over long touring days. It is WAY more comfortable than the seat that was on my 99 Cali EV. Daz
DazGuzzi2012-08-31 08:42:44

The Corbin on my EV has had a hard life & is approaching 50k miles. Still pretty comfy. it does raise the seat height on the EV just OK for me with a modest 32" inside leg.
It’s getting a bit worn now so will be following GJ with the recover & gel pads
All the best