1200 grisso starter motor

Hi my starter motor failed. Ive had the unit refurbished (solenoid contacts damaged) but it still wont work. the battery is good. There is now a click from the 2 relays beneth the right side panel. Are these likley to have faled as well. Any advise welcombe cheers Peter

First check is to run a positive lead from the battery to the small positive terminal on the starter motor, if the motor spins up it will be the relay, if not it could be loose magnets or the internal gear cover shorting the motor coils.

Did this begin as a click no start scenario…?
Our Griso did this…turned out to be ECU detecting a tiny voltage drop and not letting the bike start…needless to say…we took the battery off and it would start any of the old ones no problem…
Try looking in the tech thread relevant to Carc models as yer Griso is neither a big block Tonti or a loop !
Was under ‘Click no start…’…Chris will probably be along soon…

Throwing its toys out its pram? FFS … :smiley:

Thanks for the info folks & the pointer to other treads