1200 Sport engine cutting out

This has happened 3 times now over the last two weekends.

Coming to a halt, clutch in, the engine just stops but it doesn’t happen often. The ignition is still on and the neutral light comes on. First stab at the button makes the solenoid click and waiting a few seconds it clicks again. Second try usually gets it going. Battery shows 13 volts.

I have replaced the fuel filter but that seemed to go Ok.


That’s exactly what happens on my Breva 1100 - not often, but often enough to notice - in my case, four times over the last three weekends. I checked that the clutch isn’t dragging, which was one suggestion. I’ll ask for the TPS to be checked at the next service, which is another suggestion. I’ll be interested to see if any other suggestions come up on this thread.

If there are no errors messages in the dashboard go for an ECU earth wire reseat and all cable blocks that go to it.

My clutch isn’t dragging either. I think testing the TPS is a good idea if it can be done. Found one online for £120. So my initial idea of changing it just to check, not such a good idea!

DSB errors 05 (fuel sensor) although this might be from where I removed the tank and turned on the ignition to pump the fuel residue out. And 08 oil pressure failure. This an historic one. The sensor did fail and has been replaced.

Thanks for the earth tip. I will have a hunt round for them tomorrow.


That’s a lot of money for that few minutes work!
I think, it’s about 15 minutes work… Riding in, check and reset, riding out.
It’s easely done by yourself with “ducatidiag” or “guzzidiag”.
Google these words… or:
In the first grisogetto link, you see the two cables you must buy, only costing a few (around 20?) pounds.

I don’t now if it solves your problem, but it keeps a few pounds in your pocket…

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