1200 Sport Stand


Apart from the OE centre stand, does anybody know if there is another stand I could use to get the wheels off the ground.

Looked at various manufacturer’s websites but couldn’t readily see anything that would be suitable.


If this is to clean / do maintenance I use a trolley jack under the rear suspension (lifts the rear), under the sump lifts the front.

Dunno about the 1200 BUT on the V11 Le mans I find 2 axle stands put one under ther/h footrest and the other beside the l/h one.

Then I lift the bike off the side stand and the axle stand fits under the front footrest …once leveled the l/h axle stand I kick under the left footrest it holds the bike off the ground to work on.

I found the sears type lift is unstable on the V11 due to the V shaped sump, it works fine under the V1000 flat bottomed sump.

IF you do have a center stand then a cut fence post popped under each side works ok easy ish to do on your own .

Get in touch with Moto International in Seatle I had mine from there for 1200 Breva same one