125cc Stornello

Hi, its up and running, applied for registration etc.

However I need a noted expert’s knowledge. I have a 1968 four speed engine and there’s a doubt in my mind - the oil rises from the pump via a swan necked pipe into the centre of the sludge trap on the end of the crank. There is no apparent seal where the pipe enters the sludge trap - should there be? If so, what is it and do you know where can I get one? Or, can you assure me that there shouldn’t be one and all will be fine for an eternity or two?
The parts book I’ve got doesn’t show this region of the engine.

Ta muchly, Graham
(glampkin@btinternet.com, 01282 862749 or 07989 446131)

The oil seems to be delivered from the pump up via the tube you talk of into a centrifgal filter. Mine was absolutely packed with crud. Mine had no seal, just a nice close fit and I put it back like that.
My concern with the oiling is with the feed to the cylinder head / rocker gear. I couldn’t work out how it got up there. The rear left stud is the oilway and I assume the wiggly pipe that runs behind the cam gear feeds oil in there somewhere. I made sure the hole in the top of the stud lined up with the hole in the rocker spindle (Turismo model, the sport may be different)
I must remove the rocker cover and see if any oil has got up there.
Mine was 95% complete 2 years ago! Still not got round to finishing it and registering it yet.
There are a few pics on my facebook page, feel free to have a browse