1952 Airone starting problem when warm


I start my 1952 Airone occasionally, it starts easily when cold but is a pain to start when warm, I say warm because DVLA have not yet given me a reg. number so all I can do is ride it around my drive so is hasn’t got hot yet. Any idea’s please.

Thanks Beta.

Does it have a tickler on the carb? Experiment with tickling or not, No throttle, lots of throttle.
Older engines aften need a particular nack to get them started.
My Bonneville is a pain whan its been left an hour or so as you never know if it needs choke or not!

At the risk of stating the obvious, it sounds like your bike is running rich. You don’t say what carb you have, but my ‘56 Sport has an SSF25. This has a mixture screw on the engine side.
I recently found that I was having trouble starting the bike when it was warm, and it would only start if I held the throttle wide open. I started by turning this screw in and out but neither adjustment made any difference. I then removed the carb and found that the airway to the mixture screw was blocked. This effectively set it to full rich.
I cleaned that out and all is now well.

Good luck.

Think it’s a case of, can’t be really sure if it’s a problem or not until you can ride it a few miles, then see if it will start ‘hot’ :smiley:

A group of us have the beasts in Glos area. I knew nowt about magnetos but do now quite a lot, similarly we have had problems interestingly one if us found the body by the main Jet loose all his problems disappeared I didn’t even know it screws in! Float needle is an issue it leaks there is also a nut inside the float chamber holding it in, why? Timing the perceived wisdom gives a position well advanced in my opinion, an Enfield 500 cc 6.5 compression is 8 BFTDC and 32 full chat had mine running real well but the con rod snapped so Kaput!! If you send a PM phone happy to help. Note on my test rig ( electric drill) the mag generates a spark over 15mm long well into the green zone flash test. Not old tech all light aircraft use two as is the shinny spiny thug stood the ground cometh up to smite thee😳

Regards Ratt