1955 Galletto 192cc

Can anybody help
I am restoring this bike for a friend and all has is going well the engine runs really well but if left for 3 or 4 day oil starts leaking from the engine and the oil tank level runs down Has anybody got any idea of the problem or know were I could get hold of a oil flow diagram for this engine.

If you go on to techical manuals for singles and click the link documentaziione technical that will take you to a Italian web site scroll down and you will find Italian manuals for 192 galletto. Also Mike Lacey does English translations of a number of these manuals for a small fee which he gives to the air ambulance,(you will find his number in Gambalunga under club contacts machine dating officer) he also use to have a galletto so will know a lot about them.my First thoughts are that you will have to split the crank cases and reseal obviously check the external oil pipes and connections I would also check the antisyphon valve as it sounds a bit like the engine is wet sumping british bike were prone to that
Regards Keith

Thank for that I have sent Mike an email I will let you no how I get on

These old singles are prone to wet sumping when not in regular use,and one way to stop it is to fit a tap of some kind below the oil tank. My old Lodola does the same thing, I call it ‘character’…

Thanks Job sorted fitted a wet summing valve as per info. from Mike Lacey

Just be absolutely sure you turn the tap on before starting the engine, or the consequences will be drastic. I have heard of someone fitting an ignition cut out into the tap so when the tap is closed, the points are grounded out and it will not start.

Hi the valve I fitted works on vac. And when you start the engine the oil pump opens the valve £40 off eBay works great


Fortunately my Stornello is supposed to have all the oil in the bottom of the engine, no wet sumping problems there.

Yes, the Stornello design had moved along a little technologically…