1976 Convert speedo mileage correction he

I have a 1976 Convert which has the large, 100mm diameter speedo, km/h type, I have purchased a MPH speedo for it and want to adjust the mileage on it backwards to match the correct mileage of the bike. I have removed the bezel and glass and extracted the speedo head. Before going any further, does anyone have any advice or tips on how to wind the miles back without damaging the speedo head.

Many Thanks
JamesJames2012-11-08 19:52:34

I know it’s no help, but it can be done as i did it once, but i can’t for the life of me remember how.If i had a speedo on the bench out of it’s case i probably would remember. It’s getting more of a age thing i think!I did try moving the mileage forward using a cordless drill but that was taking ages.

Have seen the individual dials clicked over with a thin screwdiver. From memory (a touch of Ralph’s problem here) they have to be advanced until they reach the lower number rather than turned back.Sure others will have better recall!Best of luckSteve

Thanks for your contribution ralph and guzzibrat!