1976 T3 California Indicators

Indicators flashing too fast, any ideas ???

Both sides or just one?
I assume you are stillon standard old style bulbs, not these new fangled LED thingys.
Dodgy connection?
Excessive voltage going through the system, put a voltmeter across the battery to see what is being produced with the engine running
Does the T3 Cali have one or two warning lights on the dash? has that stopped
Or the flasher can is on it’s way out.
A few thoughts

Has been a non runner for 3 years, now running and getting ready for MOT
Both sides flash very quickly

Worthwhile checking the voltage you are getting, low voltage makes them slow, so I assume excess voltage would make them fast.
If it’s a connection, then it must be in the intial wiring around the flasher can / cans
Have a check what bulbs are in it. They should be 21W Sometimes people put 5W ones in and they would flash fast.

Only one warning light on dash, which isn’t working…could possibly be the problem ???

Possible, another thing to check, try that first if you can get a replacement bulb for it.

Usually fast flashing is a warning that an indicator lamp isn’t working. I.e., only one working (21W) light will cause fast flashing. Are you sure BOTH front and rear lights work. Also no LED’s, stock flasher unit is not suitable for those. (Load must be 2 x 21W bulbs minimum.)

Also I’m fairly sure the dash indicator light needs to work for MOT.

Found out you do not need dash indicator lights for MoT if you can see the front flashers from your normal riding position.
Plus 1 for the flasher pot. If you have hazard flashers you need 2 pots, also car type pots do not work properly, wrong rating.

Ok then, “They must be visible when riding or have a functioning idiot light”

Have cleaned a heavily corroded flasher unit terminals and now the flashing rate has slowed, but is still quicker than my other bikes, I’m ok with it, hopefully MOT man in a couple will be too !!!

Has to be within 60 - 120 flashes per second.

Lol strobe!
Don’t you mean per minute? :laughing:

You’re right per minute! Else would just look dim. :smiley:

New flasher relay £2.98 from js-tradinguk on ebay cured the flashing issue, even fits perfectly in the rubber mounting loop, bargain !!!