1985 V35, OK on Unleaded?

I’ve done some searching, and can’t find anything on this, which seems unlikely.
Anyway, simple question, will a 1985 V35 be happy on unleaded fuel?
E5 rather than E10, with E10s inherent problems with rubber fuel system parts.


Been running a 1981 V50 on unleaded , and before that a 81 lmola with no problems. I have always used supreme , and E5 since September, as it seems the best option for peace of mind .

Many thanks Ray, much as I was expecting really.

I don’t know about 1985 V35s, but both E5 and E10 both contain ethanol. It is just that E10 contains twice as much. So far as damage by ethanol is concerned, it applies to both E5 and E10.

E5 caused the plastic fuel tank on my V7 Classic to expand. There are various posts on this elsewhere.

Yep - just stick to high octane. My V50 II gets quite snotty on the std stuff.