1997 Cali 1100i Front wheel fitment query

Hi, i have just removed the front wheel from my 97 Cali 1100i to have a new tyre fitted. The tyre has a rotation direction arrow on it and i am fully aware of the spacer location and assembly procedure etc. My query is this:- On having a good look at the wheel once off the bike, there doesn’t seem to be any obvious difference from one side to the other so in theory would it be possible to physically refit the wheel the wrong way round ( not that i have any intention of doing so ) . Obviously it’s an old bike and i just want to make sure that the existing tyre was indeed fitted so as to rotate in the correct direction rather than just letting the tyre fitter refit my new tyre to follow suit. Cheers Darryl
DazGuzzi2012-06-20 10:42:17

Don’t know your bike but my lil’Breva is the first Guzzi I have bothered about which way the front wheel went on.
And that’s because it only has one disc.
Get that wrong and I’d look pretty stupid.

Hi Darryl,

The wheel can be fitted either way round - there is no difference between the right or left side of the hub.

My bike ( same model as yours ) has the lettering on the off side of the Akront rims front and rear, it only had 7k on the clock from new when I bought it and the tyres are worn so could be the originals.

Hope this helps.

John.Demon2012-06-20 18:35:32

BRILLIANT!!! Many thanks John , greatly appreciated. Regards Darryl

I always mark the rim prior to taking wheels out with an arrow for direction of rotation IN theory they can go in either way BUT I found the discs are not quite true , and of course other items bed in to suit it may be only a micro metre BUt on disc spacing it does matter. The V1000 Tonti does have shims on the brake calipers to make sure they run true.

Cheers GB. I have put a tiny paint mark on one side to indicate where it was just in case the new tyre is fitted differently to the one it’s replacing. Belt and braces

The Spada cast wheels are the same, they look identical one to the other, when I took mine in for a new tyre, I put big pieces of masking tape between the spokes marked near side and off side so they knew which way to fit the tyre.

I use a black felt pen the mark comes off with thinners. Of course the tyres are marked, not much use when taken off tho’ I did have a tyre fitter fit a rear tyre the wrong way round …that was Nat tyres, since they also left a washer in the tyre from the valve that punctured the tube I was NOT impressed at all.

Nowadays I go to Twiggers , my local dealer, they are compeditive and fit the tyre to loose wheel OR take in the bike leave it go back to pick it up, great service.