2004 EV fork overhaul.

Have just removed the front wheel to drain the forks before stripping down. Un fortunately I can’t find any drain points. On the '99 Special they are at the back of the lowers but the EV has two “spuds” on the casting there and no sign of how to drain the forks down. Help!!! please. George.

From a look at the manual, you have to take the forks out and pour it out the top. There’s progress for you!PM me an email and I will send you the maintenance bit from the manual.

Yes, like Don says, forks out and invert to drain. Worth loosening the cap nut before the yolks. The yolk clamps can be very tight. I believe the EV requires 485cc of oil. While you have it apart the Hagon progressive fork springs make a valuable improvement.lawries2013-03-15 07:16:26

IF there is nothing obviously wrong why do it i have never done anything to the forks on the V1000 other than change the oil. Of course the older bikes have internal dampers so it is obvious if they fail, they must fail I suppose but not that often. Other types may have forks different.

Not just useful but essential to loosen the caps first I found! Bloody frustrating having to put things back just so you can get the cap undone…

or clamp it in your B&D workmate wrapped in a bit of old innertube. If you don’t own a workmate you have no business taking a Guzzi to bits

This is a good article and has other useful links in top left corner. http://motoguzzimaintenance.wetpaint.com/page/Moto+Guzzi+Metal+Stone+Fork+Oil+Change