2005 Cali EV speedo

I enjoyed a great ride out on my 2005 Cali EV today, but noticed after the first coffee stop that the speedo had stopped working - including the mileometer and trip. Am I right in thinking that simply means the cable needs replacing, or does it indicate something more complex? Although worrying when passing speed cameras, I found that driving by engine feel and rev counter meant I was engaging more with the bike - fabulous, even if not sustainable long term!


I would certainly say so Graham.


More than likely , when you order a new cable from either y dealer/Motomecca/Corsa OR Venhill take the old one off and measure the outer and inner, not a difficult job easy to do and you will see where it has broken. I always oil a new one by drizzling 3in1 oil down it. I also have fitted a sigma bike speedo easy to do and once set they are accurate, I hardly ever look at the dial speedo now. Details of setting up a sigma are on the Greg bender site.

Check the cable and see if the inner is intact throughout it’s length but… ITI speedos are prone to failure if it’s one of those. See Cabernet’s thread ‘V11 Trip meter’ regarding possible replacement.

guzzijack2012-09-09 12:29:41

By the way do not get “conned” into buying just an inner cable my experience is it will break in quicktime . Usually if the inner breaks it damages the inside ofthe outer cable and will damage a new inner.

On mine they usually break (well when I say Usually it does not happen that often. about 4-6 inches from the top

Thanks for all that advice. This forum is SO helpful. I’ll aim to post how I get on when once it’s sorted.

Might seem like a silly question ~ for when you get the broken inner out, is it rusty?

Or just dry they do get a hammering and the slightest break in the outer lets the damp in, …

When you remove the cable tie a strong piece of string to it and pull it through, that will help you feed the new cable down the same route. And buy two. A spare for next time. There will be a next time. And a time after that.

Thanks again for all the advice. In the end I ‘cheated’. I rang Twiggers; Elaine rummaged around and found one last speedo cable in the ‘wrong’ box; I popped over and Mark had it done before I’d finished admiring the bikes in the showroom. All good. Although I had hoped it might have been the reason for the rattle that comes from somewhere at the front at about 2000rpm; the rattle remains. Never mind, an excuse for a ride on the Cali in today’s sunshine was pure delight.

Glad it ended up as the cable and not the instrument - result!Ref the rattle. Have you eliminated the exhaust headers touching on the frame or block? It can happen after a silencer or crossover has been removed for service or a tyre change and becomes a pig to track down as the noise only happens when the pipe heats up enough to make slight contact.

Also on Cali’s sometimes the sidestand spring touches the front pipe that causes a rattle.

Thanks for this suggestion. Will the exhausts really have been moved when I had new tyres fitted? I’ve been looking for evidence of something touching, and after a wet ride I noticed a tiny shiney line in the dirt on the silencer - it doesn’t show up in the photo, but this is the place. Is this what you’re referring to?:

Difficult to tell where that is but the L/H silencer will have to come off to get the rear wheel spindle out, so its possible that something could be touching after everything was tightened up again.With mine it was the inside of the header pipe that was making contact with the the frame when it heated up - or was it the block? (IIRC). Remedy was to loosen everything off slightly - all clamps and the header bolts - and apply some slight outward pressure on the pipes with a piece of wood while doing them up. Solved it for me.

My speedo is still fine. It is just the Odo and Trip meters had stopped working.
Ironically, I took the V11 for a spin Saturday and they started working again . . . . . backwards

Maybe you could turn a few shillings by renting it out to a film production company for their next sequel - would make a nice alternative to a DeLorean!

Well, that does seem like the same issue, albeit in my case it’s the outside of the left hand header pipe that appears to be making contact. At the very least, it’s worth a try.

Can be caused by zorst Or any of the shields or the sidestand spring.

Get some earplugs and ride it. …earplugs best tuning aid EVER for a Guzzi … I KNOW mine goes faster when I wear earplugs …

AND it smooths EVERYTHING out, no rattles to worry about or other wierd noises …