2007 Breva 750ie oil leak - help needed!

Morning oil,

So I’ve had a tiny oil leak for a while but on my commute into work this morning I noticed it had got a bit worse. The oil seems to be dripping from the pipe in the picture attached. Can anyone give me any advice - does this pipe need replacing? What is the pipe?

Also, I’ve managed to overfill the bike with oil - did it last night in the cold pitch black - I can empty it tonight when i get home but its in central London right now!

Thanks in advance - the bike is currently parked on the road in London and I’m worried about getting it home!


Is it really dripping from the pipe, or is it running down the outside of the pipe from higher up and then dripping off the pipe? I’m thinking that pipe is the sump return from the various breathers.

And that’s really not much oil on the ground there in that pic.

If you’ve overfilled it’s probably just refinding the level.

Thanks for coming back to me cyclobutch - thats a good question, I’ll have to check where its really coming from as it could be coming down from higher.

cheers for your help

A good tip I learned awhile ago for finding oil leaks, throughly wash area and let it dry. Then give it a good dusting of talcum powder and hopefully you might spot the spread of damp from the source, good luck.

That’s a good tip - thanks Johnny Rocket

No probs.

Also worth checking, are the rubber breather pipes from the insides of the rocker covers
they deteriorate with age and will allow oil to peal , it will trickle down the inside of the barrel and then down the crankcase
I had all of mine replaced on the last service, including the two breather pipes from the fuel tank

Thanks to you all for your help and comments. managed to get this fixed over the weekend.

The Oil Return Pipe Sump had perished from the sump to the valve - completely cracked and leaking.

Managed to get the part from Guzzibits and fitted over the weekend. After fitting it took it for a 25 min run and then park it up with a clean tarp underneath and monitored for a couple of hours and no leaks so happy days.

Thanks again - i would have been stuck without help from everyone.


Well done!