2010 Nevada classic gearbox oil change

Hi all,

Just bought a 2010 Nevada Classic and thought i would change fluids as its been standing a while.
Does anyone know if it is possible to remove the gearbox drain plug without removing the right hand exhaust, as the plug is very close to the link pipe / catalyser?

Also, I had a V7 a couple of years ago which had a finebrau device, not sure why as the Nevada fuelling seems ok, although i havent ridden it far yet, any comments?


No ideas then guys? I didn’t think it was a siily questions!

Sorry, I’m not familair with a newer small block workings, I thought there were a few fellow Nevada owners in here.

Hi welcome to the nuthouse!

Also not familiar with the model. I would expect there would be a way to drain the oil without removing the exhaust system but without seeing one I can’t advise, Can you post a photo on here?

As Don said there are a few owners of Nevadas on here so I’m sure someone will be along soon with an answer.

I know with the big block cali models, the oil drain is immediately above the exhaust collector box, most people swap that for a simple H pipe.