2010, Stelvio

Just awaiting delivery of a 2010 Stelvio from London to lancashire.
Selling my BMW K1200S to make room for her in the garage. I didn’t fancy the GS and a quick sit on a Stelvio decided the route to go. Is there anything in long term ownership I should watch out for? Are there any" must do" modifications to get the best from her?

I’m in St Helens, there’s a few Stelvio owners in the northwest, although I’ve only ever seen two others besides mine on the road up here.

Re your original question, it may be prudent to grease the rear suspension linkage and swing arm bearings in the near future as it seems the factory were a bit stingey with the grease.
Other than the cam follower problem that has affected a few bikes, particularly the earlier 8v motors I don’t think there’s anything serious to worry about.fatal2013-07-31 19:30:04

Rear hugger and front fender extender to start with, plus loads of grease as Fatal says and spray everything with wax oil!

The real one is checking the cam follower work has been done by a dealer.
You have made a great choice


Well, I finally had her delivered on Thursday. The only concern was the discolouration of the exhaust headers, but an hour with the autosol made huge improvements there. She’s had very little use for some time and I stripped and cleaned the brake calipers as a matter of caution. Overall she looks pretty sound, if a little heavily over-engineered. The front seat panel alone must weigh nearly a stone!

The spokes have seen better days. Is there anyone who does a wheel re-build service with stainless spokes?

hagon do rebilds using ss spokes.

Hagons yeah, not to worry about the SS downpipes as soon as you fire it up they WILL discolour again, can’t remember ever seeing them not do it, gave up cleaning my s/s downpipes 15 yrs ago …

Far better to ride it than worry about the colour of the downpipes buddy

Guzzi zorsts DO run very very hot so discolouration is something that happens.

Guzzi engineering IS heavy, Just after WW2 they had a formulae to make frames from a concrete composite BUT they found they COULD make them heavier in Steel…

Stainless spokes are a good idea if you can get these ones in stainless. They are threaded at the end and fit in an internally threaded sleeve with another screw from inside the rim into the sleeve that has an O ring stopping the air getting out. I put cast wheels on mine.

Your seat does not look the same as mine. it maybe a non standard lower height job or it could have had gel pads added?

Best accessory you can buy is MGCGB membership!

Regards Chris

Congrats on your purchase. I have gone for cast wheels too. That seat has definitely been changed in some way. I hope that you enjoy the bike.

Greased the roller bearings in rear link arm…
You could have warned me they aren’t caged bearings!
All back in place now, and heavily greased.

Hi, as a recent BMW convert I would recommend giving Optiglanz a try. Hein Gericke shops sell it or eBay (overpriced). You paint it on, leave it three minutes and then rinse off with lots of water. The results are good and you just have to decide whether your have more time or money (about 15 quid) at your disposal