2013 V7 clutch

After making slight adjustments at the handlebar over the last 7000miles I had a silly thought perhaps the clutch pushrod clearance should be checked .I would dearly love to meet the designer who placed the locknut and grubscrew so close to the swingingarm . I hope someone will be able to tell me how to get at this little bugger and how much freeplay there should be at this point.

Find a four year old with strong hands?There should be some play, ie, the arm should not be in contact with the pushrod.

Cmon Brian you have used that one before Ive seen it .You can do better . Seriously though the end of the grubscrew is within 5mm of the back of the swinging arm and only protrudes about 3mm from the locknut so if its an allen bolt you cant get a key into it if its a slot for a screwdriver just the same problem it does however look as if it may have flats on it but it would only be about 3or4 mm af. This clearance should be checked and adjusted at every service according to guzzi so how is it done ?

Is it like a Tonti, got a flat protrusion on the end so you use the same holding tool (short flat thing with a slot in the end) as you use for holding still the rocker clearance adjuster screws while you do the nuts up. Or long nosed pliers, whichever is closer to hand. Same principle here, hold still with tool/pliers while do nut up with an open-ended 10mm or whatever. For access I usually grovel underneath. I think. HTH

Mike H2013-09-03 16:50:41

The smallblocks are even tighter.First thing is to check there is some clearance, if there is, then you don’t need to worry.