2013 V7 switched feed


I need to add an auxiliary loom to my V7 to connect the heated jacket/compressor/battery charger/couple of USB’s for tablet and so on.

Would anyone be able to suggest the location of an ignition switched positive I can use, I don’t want stuff powered when the bike is standing? I will feed a relay, so no worries about current draw but I am hopeful there is an unused alarm plug or similar rather than piggybacking into the back light or anything.



my 2013 v7 racer has a connector behind and below the headlight which i think is for a sat nav which is only live with the ign on.i use it for a battery voltage monitor but i had to cut off the connecter and use a spade terminal as the connecter is something special which was impossible to find on the internet.there was a post on here somewhere about it but i cant remember the title

Found it, cut it off, fitted an IP68, enjoyed the little flashing light of my phone charging

Many thanks


The plug has the look of AMP but could well be one designed to work with a housing (guts only you mould into your own stuff, hence right angled rather than straight)rather than a matching plug. I don’t recognise it from my former career, but hey, cut 'em off!Andy M2014-05-07 17:58:31

cool beans :slight_smile:


i seem to remember reading somewhere the connector is only used by guzzi and mercedes