350 Imola carb advise

could someone tell me what would happen if I fitted 30mm carbs in place of 26mm? have VHBZ 26 carbs on my Imola with 260ah atomisers. cant get these jets as I want to fit pod filters. the original filter set up is disaster. But I have a set of 30mm phbh carbs

personally i think 30mm will be too big for a small block 350 like the imola without extensive head and valve work. I would pop the new filters on and see how it runs, then carefully increase the main jet until you get no increase in performance or plugs start looking wrong

I have a mk1 v35 with original vbh24’s but up-jetted to suite the modded 500 monza engine i have fitted and it goes like stink… smaller carbs give low down torque and better response

I have a set of VHB’s that came off an Imola 350.
They are very dirty, covered in something like toffee apple tar.
Not an item I shall ever use, PM me your postal address it you want them.

might take you upon that offer if all else fails. ta very much. was on to dellorto and they supplied atomisers i can use so must fit them now and see the result. ta