3T Guzzi

Well I scratched an itch and I think I may have an infection.

Bought the V50 for the better half and I really like it (even though I can’t get it started!) I just like the ethos, simplicity, riding will (hopefully) add to the experience. Well that itch has me thinking, I’ve always liked the 3T, are there any pitfalls with owning this bike, I’m used to classics so I’m not expecting anything modern but I would like something usable for weekly sometimes thrice weekly 100+ mile rides to replace the Ducati M1000 Sie I’m running as my big bike and something that will compliment the Goldie when the 70 mile tank range get’s vexing.


I’ve had a T3 for about 34 years, no real problems apart from the U/J support bearing destroyed itself, luckily it went as I pulled away from some traffic lights and locked the back wheel up :frowning: , that was at about 95,000 miles. Other than that I had a starter motor fail, and some silly electrical faults. Very easy to rack up the miles, they just keep going on. It’ll probably seem a bit of a slug after the Duke but it’ll sit at 5000 rpm all day and at about 200 miles to the tankful it’ll do you 100 mile trips with ease . You might as well have a look at G5’s as they’re the same as the T3 just with the 950 motor. Don’t worry about high mileage motors, as long as they get regular oil changes and servicing they should be fine.

Yeah the T3 and its ilk make a good all round ride. Nice big lumps that mostly hold together, and real easy to work on. Not quite as nimble as some of your more sporting classics, or the V50 come to that, but will cruise all day in the upper 80s if you feel the need. Just keep on top of the maintenance and an eye on the ancillaries.

BTW – If you are running anything with a featherbed I’d be interested in your views on how the little Veefer compares handling wise.

Thanks for the help, I’m looking for something a little more classic, whilst the Duke is nice it’s not that rewarding to ride.

Nothing with a Featherbed, just a run of the mill DBD34GS Scrambler, I’ve ridden both the Featherbed and the BSA Duplex and I can’t feel the difference in the frames only the forks, the Roadholders are so much better than the BSA items, that’s why I’m going Ceriani.

I have a Convert and an Eldorado. Bought a Kawasaki Versys for my other half. I took the Versys out for a ride tonight and would rather have been on either of my Guzzis - they are just nice to ride. I will never sell them.