650 NTX Rear Suspension Units

Does anyone know where rebuild kits for the rear suspension units on the 650 NTX can be purchased? They are Marzocchi MX5-80 units similar to the red Marzocchi Strada units but installed upside down.
Many thanks

Seen them on US eBay, quite elusive thing btw. I have sourced seals from my local power hydraulics shop, although will they work - I need to wait to confirm, they’re in the queue to be done!

Thanks Adamigo, I’ll be very interested to know how you get on with your new seals. Please keep me posted. When do you expect to fit them? It would be good to know what you actually ordered, sizes, material etc.

Seals etc are available from a guy in Italy Contact Ugo Zanardini in Italian using Google Translate To quote from the T140 Facebook page… His superb company produces all you need to rebuild any Marzocchi shock.


Thanks Don, you are a star. How do you find these people?



Someone in the T140 Facebook group recommended the guy. Some of the later Meriden Bonnies had Marzocchi shocks fitted.