750 Breva Air Filter

Sorry to appear totally thick but I am wanting to change the Air filter element in my recently bought 08 reg Breva 750 and looking at the new one it is not immediately obvious where it goes. I have been told both under the seat next to the battery and under the tank. Unfortunately neither the User’s Handbook or any of the Online Manuals I have looked at, give any instructions on how to do this job. This is the first bike I have owned with either Fuel Injection or a Plastic Tank and I’m sure I read a horror story somewhere about once removed they can be almost impossible to refit. I did remove the plastic grille in front of the tank and the rear fixing bolt which enabled me to move the tank a bit to give some extra room to check the tappets (which were spot on) but it seemed reluctant to lift up enough to get a good look underneath at what might need to be disconnected to take it off so I basically bottled out of going any further.Soooo after all that pre-amble can some kind soul take me through the procedure for changing the filter and if necessary removing the tank.Many thanks. Dont be fooled by the picture, I’m not wise just got a grey beard. The name is more of a giveaway.

Oh the tank comes off easily enough… A bit of a mare to get the breather hozes on, the thing back on the lugs at the front, and pushed far enough forward to get the bolt back in!

access to air filter is between the forks or from below the tank, you may need to remove the plastic trim at front of tank (can’t remember) dont be fooled into refitting a clean looking filter, if you’ve got it out change it, it makes a big difference. if you really want to take the tank off then you need to - undo rear bolt- lift slightly at back, stick a block of wood under the bracket, as you need to - undo 2 breathers, left side over the inlet, spring circlips. If the poipes are tiewrapped together or to engine or frame you may need to release the ties to allow enough slack to lift tank to remove circlips - dig out petrol pipes at rear, get to the quick release coupling, push it together to release, and swear, dont break it, there is a knack, blowed if I know it, just don’t force it apart. May be easier if you can release fuel pressure. Beware fuel spillage from the injector side (tank side of connector self seals, injector side dumps fuel out)- remove wood, lift rear of tank, pull back, may have to waggle to get it off the rubber bungs at the front. Watch the front edge of tank on the steering bits, it gets close as you lift the back of the tank, protect the front edge with a bit of padding.- have something soft ready to place the tank onto clean out the 2 solid breather pipes on the underside of the tank while you can get at them, the filler cap recess water drain tend pipe tend to block with corrosion.
Lawrence2013-07-01 19:02:42

Quick-release: push and hold the collar all the way up with thumb and forefinger, drag the whole caboodle back with remaining fingers grasping tube against your palm.

If it’s like my V7 Classic you need to access a fourth dimension to remove the air filter. You’ll know when you’ve found it: it just slips out with a ‘What was all the fuss about?’ look on its face.
Have Elastoplast handy :wink:


‘What was all the fuss about?’ look on its face.


Funny All Guzzis have parts that seem to do JUST that, some have a way of going back together like that ONLY after you have spent half an hour shoving wriggling cussing threatening and generally getting

Elastoplast handy is ONLY used by southern woosies, have some white spirit to dab on the cuts is 'ow we doo it lad!
guzzibear2013-07-01 20:47:44

Oi! I’ll have you know I use nothing but PVC electrical tape! Southern Woosies indeed…

Thanks Guys,I’ll have another go in the morning and if I can do the filter without removing the tank I will but otherwise it will have to wait until the tank is low on fuel again as I had to fill up this evening. I couldn’t quite reconcile removing what looks like a round cover to fit a flat squarish element. Cheers.

A 12mm open ended spanner is best for pushing the collar off the QD fitting. Gentle pressure, the O ring is quite tight.

You haven’t lived until you’ve heaved off a full tank I would say tank off if only so you can see better

I have so far failed to disconnect the QD fuel fitting but with an almost empty tank and all othe connections removed it is possible to turn the tank around and balance it across the rear frame tubes.The airfilter cover is in two parts and both must be removed seperatly, there is a metal screen to refit when refitting.The filter needs lubricating with vaseline or similer and curling up to feed in place.It can be done with the tank in place.After the 3rd or 4th time it is quite easy.

I keep forgetting, again, this is one of the ‘new bikes’ So it ain’t simple

Done it! Thanks to all who offered advice and especially Ian for pointing out that the 2 covers came off separately. I managed to do it without taking the tank off but had to remove the engine bars for better access then with the aid of a 12 inch extension bar with a phillips screwdriver bit the job was just fiddley and time consuming and made more pleasurable by the steady drizzle which started to fall soon after I had started. Just time for a quick bite to eat then off to the Herts Group Meet to enjoy the “vastly improved running?” bestowed by my new air filter. Thanks again for all the help. Pete B

A mere drizzle, try doing it during a hailstorm.I know I didn’t.

So you’ve tried changing the air filter on a V50 then?

New bikes, the new 750 looks a doddle to change.

I meant relatively speaking of course. Mike H2013-07-03 13:17:25

Of course the lemon 1 had an air filter that was a doddle to change.