750 Breva disc thickness.

My front disc on the Lil’Breva is down to 2.92mm.Anybody know the wear limits?And if I am at them are there any usefull aftermarket improvements?

3.6mm is the minimum for the later V7 bikes. Probably the same for the Breva. How many miles on that machine? Using some hard HH pads, or what?I just checked a bike with 10,000 miles and it had very little rotor wear.

EBC are cheaper than Brembo and better IMHO

Brembo pads are awful just about anything is better which IS a surprise but EBC or Ferodo

Fitted EBC on Christmas day. I cannot remember what was on before.Bikes done 30,000 miles.

Oh well, that’s another £152.50 to Gutsibits.
Thanks lawriesiandunmore2013-07-24 14:39:27