750 Targa speedo problem

Hello all, I’ve recently acquired a 750 Targa which had a very erratic speedo needle, After a couple of weeks the speedo (and odometer) has stopped working completely. The cable looks OK - I’ve cleaned it up. The 90degree gear which fits into the back of the speedo has a light green plastic spline which drives the speedo. This spline is a bit wobbly and I’m not sure if this is normal. If it is, then the problem must be with the speedo, however, does anyone know if this wobbly spline is normal? I don’t want to send the speedo for repair if it’s the 90degree gear, as the latter is much cheaper to replace. Does anyone have any experience of this??? Many Thanks, Boz

Making a guess you need a new R/A adaptor. Any way you can spin the speedo e.g. with a reversible cordless drill to test it?

I’ll give the drill a try - btw what is the R/A adaptor? Thank You Mike!

r/a is right angle adapter

Watching this with interest, my 750T speedo has become wobbly too ! Doesn’t have the r/a adaptor though. Detached cable and it seems free, so I’ll wait and see what breaks first ! Good luck with yours.

The drive box can quite worn and give up the ghost eventually, worth having a look at that, spin the wheel and see if it rotates properly.

Yep, my first stop would be the drive gear down on the front wheel.

“Detached cable and it seems free”

Most likely will be when it’s off, it’s usually the bends in situ cause the effect.

I did reroute mine to make sure it had a free run.