750T tyres

Hi all, sorry to ask this question, as I know it is partly subjective, and has been asked before. But, any recommendations for suitable tyres for a small block, a 750T to be precise. Probably more relevant to the later larger bikes such as the V7 rather than V50s etc, as the bike is physically larger. I think my current tyres are rather old.
I’m after tyres that will work well in our often inclement weather, rather than super sticky boots for scratching on.

I have Avon road riders on my V7 classic. I can not fault them for every day use in all conditions. Managed to get 13000 miles out of the rear, so well pleased.

Bridgestone BT45s

Following a recommendation in Gambalunga I replaced the tyres on my 2008 V7 Classic with Bridgestone Battlax BT45 tyres, front and back. They were still going strong when I sold the bike some 6,500 miles later.

Hi, thanks for the replies. I ended up with BT45s too. Very nice, even before scrubbing in they felt secure. Rode home after getting them in the wet, mini roundabouts suddenly held no fear. I think the old ones had turned to wood !