78 T3 Rear brake M.Cylinder.

Have i got this right ?   Is it held in place by the actuation lever ?   If its not how do you get it down far enough to tighten it ?         Any ideas on a tidy up paint that wont just peel off ?

You use a thin walled 14mm socket. for some reason the front master cyclinder requires a 13mm thin walled socket.

northwest2013-07-15 19:37:14

If its the same as my old Ducati, which is likely, the seal holds it in place. I found that a short piece of 15mm copper pipe was the ideal drift to use to gently tap into place. There’s no pressure on the seal until the brake lever is pressed so it just sits there quite happily. HTH

  Thank you Gents .

There should be a springy disc washer or somesuch that is a press fit so has to be tapped in using a tube or whatever as already mentioned, this washer then holds the piston in. You tap it in as far as it will go (there’s a shoulder stop). HTH