82 V50III Flasher relay location

Hi ,
I want to replace the existing Flasher relay with an LED unit - can someone please enlighten me as to where the original is (supposed to be ) on the bike!? Anything in particular on this model I should be aware of in making the change?
Thanks Roy

You need to do one of thge following
1/ Swap bulbs (and fittings if required) with LEDs and put some resistance in the circuit
2/ Swap the bulbs and the flasher relay with LEDs and an LED compatible flasher relay

I’m not sure where the flasher relay is on your bike, probably behind a side panel, if not then under the seat or tank. Look for a small metal cylinder with two wires coming out of it (one is orange that goes to the multi connector at the steering head, and the other black/blue which goes to the fuse F1 in the fuse box)

I hope this helps, someone with better knowledge of this model will undoubtedly correct me if I am wrong :smiley:

The relay is under the seat, at the front. It’s a circular can held by a rubber strap. It should be 2pin. All you need is to replace the can with a led compatible unit, ie it’s not load dependant. Change the bulbs to led and all done. The modern cans will work both bulbs and leds.

Hi & many thanks ,
Had the seat off but didn’t see it (obviously! :slight_smile: so will check again! - Thinking the previous owner must have moved it so will look under tank next - the replacement is LED compatible (independent of load), as the last thing needed is an inline resistor (or 4!) adding more wiring!
Best Roy

They also make 21 Watts of heat each

You wouldn’t be able to hold one I don’t think if it was left on

Fortunately they don’t get left on, they go on, then they go off, then they go on, then they go off …

You shouldn’t need resistors if you’re using a led flasher unit (load independent). The resistors are when you use led bulbs with an old type can.

If you can’t find it I’ll post a picture of mine.

Quite right - unless there’s a fault… :open_mouth:

I was merely trying to show how much power is used. Well wasted really.

Don’t know how people normally mount these things but I’m imagining if just taped up in with normal wiring with no ventilation could be a problem causing melted wire insulation and suchlike.

Different flasher definitely more preferable and simpler.

Yes, mine only work intermittently.

Just to complete the circle !
Found the old flasher unit - concealed in plain view underneath the brake fluid reservoir - looked original - swapped out easily and new LED flasher in - now supporting 6 flashers & flashing fine!

Excellent, proper job.