850 le mans timing

Hi all, I have just done the timing on my le mans by the usual method of using a strobe, I started with the right cylinder and adjusted it by rotating the distributor then when I moved onto the left cylinder I adjusted the pick-up in the distributor nearest to the right cylinder (bottom pick-up) and nothing happened, it is fitted with an electronic ignition with 2 pick-ups (piranha), it turns out that the pick-ups are fitted back to front, I got round it by setting the left cylinder first by rotating the distributor and then set the right cylinder by adjusting the pick-up, it seems to run fine and it’s been like this probably since it was fitted.Â
My question is do you think leaving the pick-up set up like this will cause any ill effects to the running of the bike? Cheers Chris.Â

This may helpÂ

Thanks very much for that, it goes totally against the normal way of timing a guzzi but now I’ve seen this it’s put my mind at rest, cheers Chris.

I have my own paper copy of that somewhere