850 le mans tool kit

Hi, does anyone know what tools/part number of tools should be in a tool kit for an 850 le mans, as I am struggling to find a genuine kit for it and I thought ide try and make one up.
judging by the amount of bikes out there that don’t have the original tool kit, there must be an abundance of them in peoples garages somewhere. cheers Chris.

No they are all in the bin.
The round wheel nut spanner is the only usefull bit in there.

Have to agree!

The Spada I had came with its toolkit intact, but really most of it was a waste of space.

Apart from the ‘special’ 22 - 24mm ring spanner ~ which incidentally I found a better quality equivalent of in B&Q recently ~ what I did was accumulate tools based on the commonest fasteners on the bike, plus pliers, reversible screwdriver, feeler guages, spark plug box spanner, and like that.

There’s another ‘special tool’ which is a short flat bar with a slot in one end, this is used to hold the tappet adjuster screw still while you tighten up its lock nut.

I would agree with the above, I made my own tool roll up and carried it in one of the lockable tool boxes on the 850T and carried on the habit when I converted it. The other tool box has the electronic ignition box in it. I wouldn’t want an original tool kit as it will not fit most of the fasteners. If you want the bike to be as it left the factory, fair enough, but I would suggest that you carry an additional tool kit in a rucksack! Â Â :confused:

I think the majority of “old” Guzzi owners kept the useful big spanner and maybe the spark plug spanner and dumped the rest of the plasticine tools in the bin ( I know I did 3 times) so I doubt if any are hanging around in the dusty spider infested corners of sheds/garages.

On fleabay many moons ago someone hit the jackpot when they sold a complete T3 kit. They got well over £100 for it. My mind still boggles at that one. You could have got a realy good toolkit from halfords for that and still have rather a large amount of beer tokens left over.

My breva tool kit likewise was made of parma ham
it was given to the kids to play with and replaced by decent tools
there are a couple of companies selling replacement motor cycle tool kits
or buy a repro one for the air cooled BMW twins, excellent quality tools





If you really want an original tool kit one is up for sale today (Sunday 4th) on eBay. I have no connection to or interest in the item but thought it might be what you’re looking for.

I just made up my toolbag as I went along.
I used to use Woolworth’s pencil cases as the bag until they went bust. About £3.50 and would last several years.
I need a new case /bag now.

Check out Tescos for dinky red zipper jobs Ian. I have one made up for the V7 Stone.

Off the top of my head I carry-
1.5mm to 12mm Allen Keys,
6mm to 14mm combi spanners,
6mm to 13 mm 1/4’’ sockets, with 3/8 adaptor,
3/8’’ spark plug socket,
3 X Phillips and 3 X flat head hex drive screwdrivers with 1/4’’ adaptor,
3/8’’ socket plus extensions.
Wire cutters,
zip locks (tie wraps whatever),
A flying bulb for testing,
An alternator removal bolt (no longer own a Tonti so will ditch that),
Also a 12’’ slip joint wrench and an 8’’ adjustable but outside.
I also carry a selection of nuts and bolts.
A length of wire.

For spares I carry,
All replacement cables,
All brake pads,P
air of spark plugs,
Clutch and gear change levers (normally repaired old ones).
Amazingly I don’t carry spare fuses as they are so rarely a problem and rarely stop you moving.
It looks a lot but takes up very little space in reality.

That is a good idea, using pencil type cases.

Thank you and well done Mad ian.

Now why didn’t I think of that ? Â Â

I started out with an Ex WD tool roll, plenty for sale if you look around
also draper do an excellent one for about 4 quid

Is there something wrong with me? When I’m riding round locally I only have my Leatherman multi-tool. Abroad I have some more but only enough to deal with minor breakdowns. Otherwise I’ve got the RAC number saved in my phone.

no nothing wrong with you
but its often some one else needs assistance
and I dont do local riding around, I have a pushbike for that
drummed into me by my old man the army mentality, dont expect some one else to sort you out
I do have breakdown cover but
case 1 my mate steve
riding back from brighton to glos, his big custom thingy gets a puncture 5 hour wait bank holiday traffic then a slow journey home on a pick up
me I carry a puncture kit, one of those quick patch repair kits and a pump ( in fact I have 2 kits in case one fails)
case 2
another mate called mark suffers leccy problems
AA could not find him, sent abloke out who got it going (1.5hours) halfway home it cuts out again
wiring harness chaffing headstock no spare fuses ??
case no 3
me miles from home near Bologna
gear lever goes all floppy, pull into services, either wait for breakdown peeps, return to mandello in same gear or fix it
I keep a nice set of long ball ended levers, and in the 2 bags that would contain tools i keep spares, half hour all fixed

In the Highlands you cannot expect the AA or RAC control to know where you are. I certainly don’t use road numbers but they do. Halfway between Acharacle and Glenuig won’t help them on their user interfaces. Hence a small tool kit to deal with small issues. A can of tyre weld sometimes gets added to the bag if I have room. The Tescos one is nice - its padded. That was last years version - probably not available now after the Tianjin explosion in August.

No nothing wrong with the attitude so long as half way through a holiday in Germany half way round a mountain corner you don’t break a throttle cable.
With the necessary tools and spares you carry on with your holiday, without them you wait for recovery holding up your friends who will be needed to slow down oncoming traffic who may not see you in time.
And as Raphael says, my tools are more likely too be used on someone else’s bike.
You carry spares so you never have to use them, hopefully.

…which makes riders like Ian, MadF and Raph worth their weight in beer. I wouldn’t have much clue what to do with elec. spares, mech. equally ignorant. Luck holding out so far 20k miles into 2nd-hand Guzziland :astonished:

Is there supposed to be a tool kit then? Is there a tray as in other bikes? As you can guess mine doesn’t have one.Â

ive wondered about the tool tray as mine hasnt one either… just looked on the steine dinse site, and on the parts list they show one for the LM2… looks same as the one on the T3 I had… repro available for 35 euro… as for the original tool kit, didnt it also have a rubbish pair of adjustable ‘pliers’ ?

As others have said ,i make up my own tool kit to suit what bike i’m riding,i’ve found that cheapo leather bum bags good for storing them in .Â