850-T3 California Exhaust Studs

Two of the exhaust studs on my old girl appear to be pulling out of the cylinder head threads! I have tightened the exhaust retaining nuts with great care (I feel like a safe-cracker!) but I fear all is not well.
Is it possible to helicoil the female threads in-situ or do the heads have to come off?
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Are they pulling out or are the exposed threads falling to pieces ? I have skinnied down my exhaust flanges to get further down the stud.
If they are pulling out timeserts will be the answer with new studs.

I think that it needs inserts. Can the job be done in-situ or will the heads have to come off?

To do job properly so the new ones are in square etc the heads will need to be removed
I would never attempt to fit in situ

have seen a bodge where either rac or aa fitted a spark plug one at roadside can imagine where the swarf cuttings went (not the same as your case mind you )

Before they abolished capital punishment I would have swung for this flaming bike!

can try to remove them clean hole out and put a PLUG tap in the threads and clean them out you might find then you can get some studs with longer thread so that they secure in the good threads at bottom of hole might be best if doing that get decent bolts with long thread and cut the hex off screw in head tight and then fit nuts I find over the years STUDS are best in exhaust ports and not direct bolts

Good idea!
Will give it a try.
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Have booked her in to Corsa Italiana for Paul to put inserts in. Decided against half measures. Oh well!