850 T4 parts required

I’m after the following parts:

Headlamp rim.
Rear number plate carrier, bracket and indicator arms - complete.
Set of 3 brake discs in good useable condition.
RHS chrome headlamp ‘ear’
RHS throttle switch gear and tube etc.
Tool tray and tool kit (!)

Thanks in anticipation!


I have some headlight brackets off my 850T, they may well fit but will need re-chroming.

Chris, I have the LHS one ready for chroming - do you have a picture so I can compare? Cheers, Matt

The chrome is quite good but the ends where the bolt to the headlamp shell look a little bent, probably why I replaced them. I now have some sexy cast aluminium ones that I intend to fit to my bike as soon as I have re-built the forks. Don’t wait up!

Those cast ones look very neat!
As I intend to re-chrome the ‘ears’ I should be able to fashion them back into shape.
How much?
Rgds, Matt

Free of charge but please pay the postage. PM me with your address and I will work out the postage cost.

Sorry I missed the post today, I’ll send them tomorrow.