850GT clutch pushrod seal

Off to France on my 850GT (Eldorado) shortly, and I seem to have a leak from the clutch pushrod seal. Anyone know what kind of a job it is to replace?


Not sure if it is like my T3 Cali. I have been told it is a very quick job provided the pivot pin on the clutch actuating arm can be removed.
Does it need doing? Mine was weeping a bit until I realised my gearbox breather hose was kinked and not venting properly. I straightened the hose out and my weep has gone.

Thanks - I’ll check but I fitted a new breather pipe last year, so I think it’s OK. I will have a look and see whether pivot pin can be got out without removing too many other bits. Not too bad so I will probably be safe to leave it until I get back.

It’s sometimes possible to op off the arm and put a second seal in as a temp measure.
Or ride it and keep an eye the levels.
Have fun in France

I presume we mean the O-ring?
Mike H2014-07-09 23:37:31

Never had it apart, but having cleaned it off to see why I’m getting a drip on the floor I can see that there is a weep from the pushrod. Run out of time to do much now so I’ll have to do as Steve says if it gets worse. Won’t be at Anchor on Weds. Got to pack…

Sorry to say that my earlier optimism regarding my clutch push rod oil weep was misplaced!
It seems that with the very high ambient temperatures in my garage the oil has decided to leave the gearbox by the easiest route. Very smelly puddle this morning.
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Well blow me, a loop frame post!

Sorry does not compute, gearbox has a breather hose? So oil should not come out of anywhere because of any internal pressure. E.g. By heating or otherwise.

Bear in mind this O-ring slides in and out as clutch is operated, so wear is unavoidable ultimately will leak.

PS: have also noticed this O-ring may get hard with age, i.e. lose its elasticity then it’s not much good as a seal.


But I replaced the clutch push rod seals system when I rebuilt the bike only 2 years ago. Looks like I will have to strip it down. At least the pivot pin should come out as it is well oiled!!

Really? I’m surprised then, not sure what’s going on there.

Quick update on my leak (original post). Currently sat on boat waiting to come back to UK. Leak is still there but we got down to Limoges and back. Seems to leak worst when it’s been standing so not sure if oil gets somewhere it shouldn’t, or if it’s a warming-up phenomenon. More investigation when I get home…Ian

if the pivot pin dont want to move do not hit it with a big hammer, as that would risk breaking one or both of the lugs holding it to the frame, bet you know that anyway!if anyone has a stuck pivot pin the easy way is to remove the swinging arm etc and carefully apply heat from something like a hot air gun to the lug area, not sure if useing a blow torch in that area would be a good idea,if the lug(s) get broken then its the pain in the rear job of removing gearbox in order to take off gear box end cover in order to weld the lug back on, so keep that hammer away.

Re the leak, where seems to do more while been standing a while, I suspect it’s doing it all the time even when moving but you’re not standing still long enough to get a puddle underneath!

I think it genuinely doesn’t leak sometimes. This morning I rode about 10 miles to ferry, and when we moved to board there was a patch of oil about 4 inches across under the bike. When I stopped for fuel and a drink about 100 miles out from Portsmouth on way home there was not even a drip. Similar behaviour yesterday too. I have a theory now, but won’t have time to do much until weekend now…

I am keen to hear your theory. Mine seems to be the same.
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I’m wondering if there’s more going on here than merely what it looks like.

Have known seals weep due to uneven wear on the pushrod. If/when the pushrod rotates the seal can leak more or less.
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Yeah but no but, there’s a roller thrust bearing specifically so the outer part with the O-ring shouldn’t try to rotate?