850T Worth?

Anyone got a vague idea of how much my 850T is worth? I needed to give an agreed value for insurance and guessed at £4500. Am I wildly out?
It’s a '74 one, pretty standard with Bonneville Western export bars and Keihin stainless exhausts - in pretty good condition but not completely concourse - a couple of minor scratches on the tank (resprayed Bimota red 15 years ago), minor scuffing on crash bars and elsewhere but generally looks good.
More importantly it’s had a full Raceco bottom end tune. That’s sump extension, SS2 cam, 950 big bore, Ago con rods and CroMo pushrods, Ago straight-cut timing gears, Le Mans 36mm pumper carbs, big ceramic valves, head gas-flowed and twin-plugged. Amo reckoned it’s probably between 90 and 95bhp.
Yer tis - though I’ve since replaced the seat with a T3 one:

Waddya think?

Since you’d need to replace it all if it was nicked / set on fire or whatever I’d go 4500 for the standard plus 2500 for the engine work and mods. I’ve just ‘done up’ a T3 and nothing is cheap nowadays.

Don’t under value the bike - once you’ve given the insurers a valuation no amount of money spent will make them change it.
Guess how I know :frowning:

Hope this helps - or starts an oil thread !
Out of interest, what oil do you use ?



Looks like I’ll have to renew with Carole Nash next year to change the value (even though they were double the price of Footman James).
And Mr Raceco told me to use fully synthetic oil - no specific brand. …

I’ve been using Mobil 10W60 fully synth. I think it may be a bit too viscous at 120 degees so have changed to 10W50 Motul. Synthetic is way better than mineral. Not sure it’s worth the extra cost but peace of mind is priceless.