8V neutral switch: anyone changed or adju

The neutral indicator light on my Griso 1200 8V has only worked half time. Dealers here haven’t helped with it. Though a new switch was meant to have been ordered under warranty, like other warranty parts, it never arrived. Piaggio UK turn a deaf ear.

This is a major hassle, having to find neutral in traffic without an indicator, not being able to run engine with side stand down… and I have often wondered if it might have any connection with the intermittent non-start issue.

It is impossible to get at the neutral switch on top of gearbox without disconnecting electrical items, taking out complete air box and so on. It’s not a casual job. I don’t know what is causing the problem, but one possibility could be that the switch is not making full contact. As I can’t see much of it, I don’t know if this switch can be adjusted for height/contact. Does anyone know if it is adjustable? Has anyone replaced a switch unit? What’s involved? I had heard a few years ago that there were problems with these units and that they were replaced under warranty. Anyone know about that?

Dunno, if it’s like the Tonti ones there’s like a brass tongue inside, but it all comes out sideways with the plastic outside bit. A peg on the selector drum makes contact with it in the neutral position. Or should do…

If you need the neutral switch for starter to work then no wonder! Can it be started if you pull clutch lever in instead? Or as well as

Mike H2012-07-29 21:19:29