8V Oil Tem Thread

Hi Anyone following the Peter Roper thread on WildGuzzi ? Seems he thinks the cam issue might be to do with oil not getting up to temp in cold conditions or rain. Presume it only relates to short journeys which allow condensation to hang around. Did about 40 miles on mine today in, 3 degrees air temp, but touching the heads or oil cooler wad red hot.

The oil issue has been done to death. Guzzi have sorted the end float on the cams which can stop the cam followers from rotating and modified the cam followers and agreed to free repairs I think we should leave it at that unless some one comes up with facts and not just theory’s.8 Valve Eagle2013-03-28 22:32:33

Right on

I’m a new member, new to Guzzis after about 20 years, and have concerns. If I’ve misunderstood this forum I apologise.


Just to put this into perspective. I carried out the survey about this problem exactly because there were so many different theories about the problem and even whether it actually ever existed. The results which you have seen are a summary of what we found and this included details about servicing, mileages, and type of use. Our conclusions were acknowledged by Moto Guzzi who for the first time admitted that there had been a problem and changed their warranty policy accordingly. I have encouraged anyone owning a 8 Valve high cam motor to tell me about their experience and am pleased to say that the news is good. So I look forward to seeing you out there enjoying yourself as soon as the weather allows.
Regards Sue PRO

Cheers Sue, I intend to do just that. I am a worrier, this issue may be old news to some, but not to me, and it’s a big investment for me. Hopefully all will be well.

I have the same worries, talk to you about them tomorrow.

Hi TonyG,
We have a Stelvio NTX and it was a big investment for us also so there was a vested interest in getting it sorted.

This seems like one of those questions that will raise itself forever, a bit like “Guzzi Elektrikery”

Mind you could be worse I suppose, just about every bike make has an Achilles heel so to speak.

Honda and the siting of the regulator/rectifier it gets fried now and again, as well as the old “chocolate cams” history.

Heck I always think twice before using Bridgestone tyres as I well remember them being lethal fitted to early Jap bikes. Back then the ONLY tyre to fit was the TT100. Nowadays Bridgestone are top tyre makes…BUT the old stigma is still pecking away in the back on the mind

You could have bought a modern BMW GS1200 and spent your time worrying about final drive and fuel pump controller failures instead