95 Cali front wheel

I’ve taken the front wheel out to get a new tyre fitted and when I marked the disk (I forgot until after it was out) for the direction of rotation worried myself that I might have marked it the wrong way.

It doesn’t look it, but is the wheel handed or will it fit happily either way around - provided I get the arrows on the tyre the right way when I re fit it

Cheerstris2014-08-19 07:22:33

just get the tyre direction of rotation right.

what he said

Once back in use both brakes a few times to settle the pads over the discs, especially if you have reversed the wheel.

Thanks Chaps!

According to the manual, the front tyre should be fitted with the tyre rotation the wrong way round. I have no idea why this is, so maybe someone with more knowledge could assist!

I had the same question see here for the definitive answer … or not

When I get my hands on the BT45s they’re going on as per tyre makes instructionstris2014-08-27 07:38:07

From that topic (strangely I had to log on again to access it! Edit: and again to add this!!):

So, only IF tyre going on the front is meant for a rear, or maybe a 'universal'. But as Ian says nowadays they're either specifically a front or a rear, in which case the arrow is in the direction of normal rotation, for either, OR if a 'universal' will probably have two arrows, on opposite sidewalls, one way for rear, the other the opposite way for front. Each arrow will be clearly labelled 'front' or 'rear'.   I guess in the early days we didn't have 'front tyres' per se, hence what the manual says.     HTH (?)