99 Quota Electrical gremlins.

Bought the quota 1100 es that was at Haywards, for sale on behalf of a club member apparantly so if anyone knows him Id like to pick his brain. I only took delivery of the bike saturday, AND my 72 Nuovo Falcone, and only had chance the give the bike the once over last night. Engine running, the hazard lights ‘tell tale’ dash light flashes sporadically, if one applies the brakes, the brake light switch is shorting somewhere?? or overloading something?? as the rev counter stops working and the neutral light goes out. release the brake, front or rear, and it returns to normal. Oh, and the brake light doesnt come on, so this alone means the bike is unroadworthy.the bike is tip top otherwise, VERY quiet motor, gearbox seems fine, all is well but I am reluctant to ride it as the sparks are not right, would hate to see the bike on fire due to a dead short somewhere. There does appear to be evidence of shoddy repairs, blue crimps and extra cables spotted once the seat was removed, so I am unsure where to begin??Will be ringing haywards this morning, the bike’went through the workshops’ Im told, Im surprised this wasnt spotted, any input on where to start, and of course, who the prior owner was as he may have some clues, please let me know.TM

Drama over, it were a loose relay, spoke with Jim at haywards, a most knowledgable chap. Now looking to replace the relays with bosch, anyone have any idea what they cost???

I bought 5 Bosch relays from Worcester Truck supplies for £3.20 each, much cheaper than a Guzzi dealer.

If there the same as a V11 then pyro dan is your man-delivered from the US in 5 days for peanuts!

+1 for Pyro Dan.

I have had a set from him for every Guzzi that i have bought.

Good quality, great price and very fast turnaround.

Brilliant guy to deal with.


Ah…so it was you that saved me 3k then :wink:

[QUOTE=Steve S]I bought 5 Bosch relays from Worcester Truck supplies for £3.20 each, much cheaper than a Guzzi dealer.[/QUOTE]Will google that now, thanks.

Bike is running fine so no rush, just looking as a precaution, it doesnt have valeo or bosch, some random things.My 2003, actually 01 old stock, stone is still running all the stock relays, no probs.We are practically neighbours, Im down in Chepstow.

toastmuncher2014-05-21 07:04:03

Yup, the Yellow one that was on ebay was mine a while back, I bought it from montpellier in the south of france, Via Pete Morcombe. I was tempted to buy that back, but needed the luggage, the black one had done a third of the mileage, besides, my wife preffered the black.

I believe I own that yellow one now, I also looked at the black one in Haywards for a back to back comparison but was told it was sold. Mine was rattling, clunking and generally poor (bought it blind) and thought i’d got a right lemon. It was alledged to have just been serviced and set up by some specialist ‘up north’. Once filled with the CORRECT fluids its a totally different bike. I just need to trace the fairing rattle and I’ll be happy.

I have a rattle behind the screen somewhere too, The guy that bought it from me, Glen I think, was clearly a dealer, tried to Market it at moto strada at around 5495 a while back. It OBVIOUSLY didnt sell, so he DID sell it to you then. Nathan at Streffords said the ‘Potentiometer’ or Throttle position sensor, was worn on the first few contacts, he advanced the setup somehow so that the throttle started on the third contact, as the TPS is a kind of variable resistor with a succession of contacts made as the throttle gradually is opened. The bike was returning mid twenties beforehand, and over 40mpg afterwards. If you get any problems, thats the first place to look. Guzzi ones are discontinued, a harley sportster one will fit, or so Im told. I sold the bike a while ago at around 3k, and when it left here, it was pretty sweet, other than coughing and popping when it was cold. What fluids did you replenish to sort it out?? I am curious as to whether I can utilise your tips when mine is due a service.