A good result

In May I attended Denmarks largest Oldtimer Rally with my Cardellino and entered it in the under 250cc restored motorcycle category.

It belted down all day but it didn’t deter the entrants or the public. All Danes will tell you there is no bad weather, just bad clothes. Just after lunch I called it a day and went home.

I got an e-mail from the Oldtimer Rally committee yesterday. My Cardellino has been awarded first prize in my category. I collect my cup and certificate on Sunday.

So that is now 2 shows and 2 first places. If we ever see a summer I will be spending a few evenings going over what I have done and trying to improve it. I had certain parts sprayed chrome but it is too “blingy” for me and I have started bead blasting and polishing them. I have 2 new wheels to build and then I will be stripping the engine for a good clean.

I am so pleased I chose a small bike, it makes life so much easier to learn things. The best thing about the whole process has been learning about the history of the bike and of Moto Guzzi and getting to meet other singles owners all over Europe.

So a good result for Guzzi in Denmark.

Stevesteveindenmark2013-06-28 11:30:08

Well done Steve!! She’s a beaut!


Well done Steve. A fine job you have done there. how is it running now?

Well done buddy indeed

Inspiring stuff, I like the bike and your ideas for it.