A V-twin, but not a guzzi

I came across this on my feed.

A 1953 Victoria Bergmeister

More info. [LINK]
(1953 Victoria Bergmeister - Motorcycle Classics)


Never seen that one before - saw the topic header and fully expected to see an image of that Harley, or the scooter (o;

Ooh, that’s a weird one. Is it a diesel? No sign of spark plugs or leads.
Perhaps they are hidden under the huge rocker covers.

Spark plugs are on the inside of the V.

I have several images in my Pinterest account, pc / mobile numpty, tried copying / transferring. Didn’t work. My user name is tgj210686, if anyone wants to look in the motorbike section.

I saw a Harley with that layout in a museum, it was a military machine so must have gone into production at some point

Not necessarily. Thank goodness! Some ‘military trials’ machines should never have left the wine stained napkin stage! But I think I perhaps know the Harley of which you speak (could be wrong): the Indian 841maybe? That was a transverse (?) V-Twin, if I’m remembering correctly. Slightly tangential to the topic: Harley also trialed a flat twin, which I think looks rather smart: the Harley XA.

you jogged my aged memory, I found the photos, and you are correct, it is indeed an Indian, and next to it is the harley davidson flat twin
all these foreign motorcycles confuse me !!

I rather like the look of that ‘flat twin’. I think there is a Chinese? bike that looks very much the part - a Chang Jiang? Quite a convoluted tale of the Chinese copying the Russians copying BMW - or some variation on that theme. I did see one on the road once, around my locale, hooked up to a chair, and it looked very smart.

They are in the museum at Overloon in Holland
allow a full day to see everything
they also have lockers for your motorcycle gear

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