A weird V7 review


See the link below. I have copied and pasted some of the text from the review.

Strange, but when I had a long test ride on one, after stalling the very first time, I never noticed the “grabby clutch” or the “sloppy transmission”. I found the gear change and clutch light and easy at low speeds, and just lapsed into my habit of clutchless up changes once I was on the open road.

I never once had a false neutral and didn’t notice any “surging” at highway speeds.

I must be a dreadful rider not to notice all these faults.

Strangely, the most positive part of the review is about the suspension, which most people in this forum seem to regard as the V7’s one little weakness.

And what is the fuss about “quick stops favouring the front brake”? What sort of rider does not favour the front brake when stopping? I was taught to do so in my first lesson, and it’s common sense anyway.


<<Jumping from the Harley to the Moto Guzzi requires a full recalibration of your senses. The new V7 engine promises much, but struggles to deliver. Making the least power of the three—and, yes, we recognize it is the smallest—the Guzzi’s troubles aren’t pure thrust but delivery. Slightly unpredictable, the new injection system causes the V7 to be terribly cold blooded, stall frequently, and surge at highway speeds. After a few miles you learn how much to balance the throttle and grabby clutch to keep from looking like a newbie at every stop sign. But it’s hard work.

2013 Moto Guzzi V7 Stone
Retro reinterpretation or Euro standard? Moto Guzzi’s Stone is simple, handsome styling at its best. Just by looking, you’d never know it’s Guzzi’s cheapest model.

Taking to the open road allows you to avoid the worst of the Guzzi’s fueling issues and forget for a moment the sloppy transmission, which is prone to throwing up false neutrals and is generally disagreeable. As you merge into highway traffic, the idea of emptying the Stone’s 5.8-gallon tank starts to go sour. Below 4000 rpm, the V-twin shudders between your kneecaps, threatening to walk your feet off the pegs and perpetually blurring the mirrors. Reach 65 mph, though, and the engine suddenly hits a sweet spot that continues through about 80 mph, where a new kind of vibration starts to intrude. Keep it in that range and the Guzzi is a happy puppy, though roll-on performance is nothing special—better than the Harley by a fraction but well back of the Bonnie.

An under-polished drivetrain takes away from what is actually a sweet chassis. Compared to the Harley’s, the V7’s suspension might have come off a BMW sport-tourer—it tackles large and small bumps confidently, and is sprung so the chassis has little pitching and a lot of helpful feedback. The brakes are strong and predictable, even if there’s some minor weaving evident on quick stops favoring the front brake. Oh, so this is what bias-ply tires felt like back in the day? A superbike-style bar provides more than enough leverage to flick the Guzzi through tight corners as quickly as you need to—because you’re only going to do so much with 40.5 bhp and a gearbox you soon tire of fighting.

Thought it was 47BHP?

You can’t expect accuracy too.

sounds like the ‘tester’ distilled the -ve bits out of the past 5 years’ online reviews and busked his copy without going near the bike.


v7 normally rides nice…engine sweet.

Well I rode a V7 Stone last year.I thought it looked good, sounded great (with standard silencers), and rode much, much, better than the Bonneville I tried.I initially found the gear selector a bit vague, but soon gelled with it. I don’t recall missing any gears either.I think the V7 is an excellent B road/commuter/Sunday bike, but it is also capable of doing long trips as long as the rider makes the necessary adjustments (in their head).It’s on my shortlist of bikes for future consideration, but not a new one. I am never going to pay the 20% vat, huge depreciation, and compulsory dealer service charges (all part of the joys of new bike ownership) again.Tis’ a good bike!

The cluych is grabby if not correctly adjusted.Tiswas told me how to do that should not be beyond a journo’s capability.You do have to make an adjustment in your head on longer trips. You travel slower but carry more corner speed so off of motorways at illegal speeds (99+mph) you will be doing the same average.Excellent bike.I am talking lil’Breva which is generally the same.

Don’t forget also journo demo bikes tend to be passed around like old wotsits so no knowing what state it was in when they got it

As usual they have a hidden adjenda, I have ridden a V7 and an 883 Harley and a bonnie, they are all too small for me personally the harley FEELS quick till you look at the speedo the brakes are useless the handling awful and the vibes rattle yer fillings, the Bonnie is slow to steer but a nice bike the Guzzi is by far a better all round bike BUT the Bonnie is very very close the harley is waaay down on all of it apart from the name.

But they seem to have the commercial ££££ 's to consider and Guzzi do not send alot with them so there it is no use bitching it is what it is.

I sometimes read wine reviews and wonder what they are talking about.

I’m just about to complete a year with my V7 Stone. It’s a keeper. It is just perfect for me. I love the looks and I love the weight which enables me easily to push the bike into a tight space in my garage. I love the ease with which I can clean it, the absence of a chain to clean and adjust. The bike handles perfectly for me, goes as fast as I need and hasn’t let me down so far. These are all simple basic things which make me a very happy owner and I’m not looking for another bike anytime soon.

I sometimes think that all reviewers come from another planet. I read the Which? reviews and often think, are they taking about the same thing as I have? And they are not controlled by advertisers.

+1 and I’ve only had mine a week.My only gripe is I’ve found it wider than I thought or the gel seat doesn’t suit me. Any one know any under scrotum area exercises to ease the discomfort…

Blimey…pelvic floor…?

Blimey +1 What’s this ‘gel seat’ ?


An accessory also it’s lower
guzzibear2013-10-12 19:13:55

Sorry that doesn’t work, it just asks me to select a model
Mike H2013-10-12 15:05:48

Sorry I’m a puter numpty, The model is the V7.There is another thread where a bloke is having bother with the gel seat

Not your fault, just how the web page works, none of that comes across in a link.

OK got it now thanks, oo-er, OK still doesn’t tell me what’s so special about ‘gel’, sorry for being thick …

The gel seat is lower than the normal one. I’m a short arse